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Picture Ideas Of Christmas Decorations - Holiday Decor Ideas | Kitchen Indoor Xmas Ideas

Christmas decorating ideas that will bring joy to your home. Play download picture ideas of christmas decorations brighten your home with cheerful indoor from ...

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  • Reports: Christmas Tree Syndrome Can Trigger Asthma Attacks


    "In my profuse years of private practice, I might see up to 10 kids on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, who needed to go to the emergency scope because they were having an asthma attack," said Dr. Lawrence Kurlandsky, a pediatric allergist and pulmonologist

  • An 'Flagrant' Christmas


    Adam Brock, Pre-eminent Assembly of God creative arts pastor, poses with one of nine indoor trees decorated for the congregation's Exorbitant Christmas. ×. 9 remaining of 10. Welcome! We hope that you enjoy our free please. Facebook · Twitter · Email

  • Using Genetics to Be placed a More Perfect Christmas Tree | WIRED


    A reduced group of scientists have dedicated their careers to unraveling the conifer's genetic secrets.

  • Go through the Professionals Who Sparkle Up the Holidays


    Too complex, too cold, too klutzy, or aesthetically challenged to get into a Christmas decorating groove? More like Chevy Go out after's Clark Griswold than Martha Stewart? You're in luck, as an exertion of holiday decorators for indoors and out has put down

Reports: Christmas Tree Syndrome Can Trigger Asthma Attacks - Newsmax

Doctors have issued a healthfulness warning for " Christmas Tree Syndrome ," a condition that can cause itchy noses, aqueous eyes, wheezing, coughing, chest pains, lethargy, and insomnia and can even prospect to life-threatening pneumonia and asthma attacks, according to several reports .

"In my many years of non-gregarious practice, I might see up to 10 kids on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, who needed to go to the emergency room because they were having an asthma malign," said Dr. Lawrence Kurlandsky, a pediatric allergist and pulmonologist who in 2011 authored a inquiry on mold on seasonal indoor coniferous trees .

Kurlandsky's study revealed 53 unheard-of kinds of mold present on 26 samples, with most of the molds identified as allergens that could potentially trigger allergic reactions.

To slenderize the risk, one Christmas tree farmer said to give the tree a good shake.

"What they're allergic to is the mold that settles on the tree during its growing just the same from time to time and arguably sometimes when it's waiting to be sold here on the lot," Jimmy Coan told CBS Philadelphia TV rank.

Washing the tree and letting it dry before bringing it in is also another option.

"Be careful not to leave it external for an extended period of time, because things will start growing on it again," Kurlandsky told She Knows.

Water in the tree stands can also lengthen mold.

"You might to be careful about getting someone else to add water to the tree because that stirs up the mold that's in that reservoir," allergy artist Dr. Albert Gros told CBS Philadelphia.

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    Harvard University Press. 2009. ISBN: 0674040627,9780674040625. 464 pages.

    It wouldn't be Christmas without the "things." How they came to mean so much, and to play such a prominent role in America's central holiday, is the tale told in this delightful and edifying book. In a style characteristically engaging and erudite, Karal Ann Marling, one of our most trenchant observers of American culture, describes the outsize spectacle that Christmas has become.

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    WORK Christmas Parties don't have to be boring! Escape the annual bad secret-Santa presents and take the office to iFLY Gold Coast, a state-of-the-art indoor skydiving facility located at the heart of Surfers Paradise. iFly's futuristic wind tunnels allow ...

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    The Salem Indoor season starts Saturday with speedway karts in the morning and flat track motorcycles at night as part of an ambitious schedule that runs nearly every weekend regardless of weather – the weekend of Christmas excepted – through March 26 ...

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