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  • christmas door wreath wareham prioryhotel

    Christmas Door!

    The Priory Hotel in Wareham

    Photo by Lets Go Out Bournemouth and Poole on Flickr

  • red green square scotland edinburgh doors selectivecolours

    Christmas doors

    2 and 4 York Place, respectively. Number 2 could do with getting screws and a screwdriver.

    Photo by kyz on Flickr

  • christmas door decoration reef

    Door 2

    Photo by davepatten on Flickr

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  • Lack a Better Christmas Gathering This Year? Leave This At the Door...


    It's that span of the year that we gather around with family and without meaning to we also add anxiety and worry to our heel… Why? Because no matter how much we love our families we also want their approval and we most definitely desire to feel that we

  • The Joy of Giving: Support My People Christmas Program


    Dozens of Door County children from families in scarcity will wake up to a brighter Christmas this year thanks to the generosity of the community's dozens of Under cover Santas. This year the Feed My People Christmas program worked with 48 backer individuals

  • The door is closing on DC's Caucasoid Christmas hopes


    Yet another year may opulently pass without a white Christmas in Washington. On Tuesday, model forecasts offered a glimmer of promise for some snow on Christmas Day. Today, the prospects have turned dimmer. “It's hard to get eager about our snow chances for

  • A Tree Where Our Concert-hall Once Stood: Christmas Spirit Survives in Santa Rosa


    What was without delay a crowded row of houses along Hopper Avenue in Santa Rosa is now a unbounded dirt plain. But in empty lot after empty lot, people have put up Christmas trees. Red ribbons and shimmering mellifluous tinsel defy the apocalyptic landscape. “The spirit

Demand a Better Christmas Gathering This Year? Leave This At the Door... - HuffPost

We day in and day out get upset during elaborate family get-togethers because we forget that the people the closest to us thrust our buttons better than anyone else. This is because they know us--the good, bad, and the flaws. Nobody wants their flaws on splendour in front of all to see. And that little reprimand from one of our members in our family—no matter how well-intentioned—makes us flare up and say things we later woe.

What if this Christmas we could be more conscious and aware of our triggers? Not just you, but all of us. We could all likely stand to do better in not letting reactiveness ordinance the night. What if we could park our flare-ups at the door before entering the dining room and sitting down to a good-looking Christmas meal, knowing full well that it is only these moments that count!

@AKeivya wants @gherbo for Christmas on her door step or to see this man for Christmas HOW! Tell me HOW am I going to make this possible 10/26/16,
It's never to early to think about #Christmas! Our #Everlasting Christmas #Wreaths are now available… 10/26/16,
So I was woken up to Christmas songs with people banging on my door shouting get up this morning with no hot water, buzzin 10/26/16,
LED Lighted Holiday Candle Light Door Wall Ornament Hanger Christmas Home Decor 10/26/16,
LED Lighted Holiday Candle Light Door Wall Ornament Hanger Christmas Home Decor 10/26/16,
  • The Twelve Doors of Christmas Avenue 2014. ISBN: 9781291702408,1291702407. 52 pages.

    Christmas Avenue was a quiet, small street in a southern English town, containing a dozen two-bedroomed houses. Outwardly, nothing appeared to be unusual about the avenue or its inhabitants, but behind those doors ...

  • Christmas Door

  • The Strangers at the Door

    2016. 49 pages.
  • A Christmas Gift

    CSS Publishing. 1998. ISBN: 9780788012884,0788012886. 14 pages.

    A heartwarming dialogue between a pastor and Santa focuses attention on the truest gift of Christmas, the Christ child. The service is simple to prepare -- two good presenters can provide a very meaningful worship service for an entire congregation of children and adults. A complete order of service with hymns, readings, and prayers is included.

  • Home for Christmas

    Untreed Reads. 2011. ISBN: 9781611872156,1611872154. 10 pages.

    Their mother dead early, their father uninterested, the Wallace twins had grown up in the care of an ever-changing succession of housekeepers, with no one close but one another. Fortunately, they had always been content with that company and had almost never been apart. Now, Adam has met someone and, without preamble, married her. Robert is bereft, and the stage is set for a Christmas nobody is likely to forget. A short story from our Nibs literary line.

  • Fancy a job with Royal Mail this Christmas?


    ... sorting offices for the Christmas period which will sort “a significant proportion” of Christmas parcels before they are delivered to the door by Royal Mail’s postmen and women. Here’s the lowdown on the plan. How many temporary staff are Royal ...

  • Christmas at love House by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel #amreading #Romance #MFRWauthor @maryjdressel


    A little Christmas magic will be a welcome guest at Love House ... Hurrying up the stairs, she closed the door in her bedroom, and stood at the window, facing a sight that could have been a place of devastation. She refused to allow the incident to ...

  • Buckaroo, Bankies and the Baby Jesus – The Last Christmas Day game in Britain


    The front door slams closed with a dull ... Outside, Dad shuffles briskly to the end of the road and disappears behind parked cars and fences. Christmas Day 1976, 2.10pm. For many up and down the land, this was their post-lunch experience.