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Christmas Car

3000+ lights, 1 Evo, all the Christmas spirit! Happy Holidays from Bootleg Productions. Don't forget to click like on our video and subscribe for more!

  • auto christmas car italian automobile fiat decoration rednose antlers 500 rednosed platic aimg9883

    Roundolf the Red-nosed Fiat Resting After a Busy Christmas

    In the English-speaking world, the fictional Santa travels in a sleigh pulled by a herd of reindeer, of which Rudolf is the most famous one known as Rudolf the Red-nosed reindeer. Here is a modern depiction of...

    Photo by Canadian Pacific on Flickr

  • christmas brisbane

    Christmas Decorations

    (and American flag)

    Photo by GurtyGurt on Flickr

  • arizona classic vintage classiccar vintagecar antique antiquecar citroën restoration bisbee redcar citroën2c

    An Original Smart Car, Citroën 2CV Club

    An Original Smart Car, Citroën 2CV Club Seen in a yard, Bisbee, Arizona, this classic European car looks road-ready and sings out with red color. I was photographing a new "smart car" in this area of town...

    Photo by cobalt123 on Flickr

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  • Flaming Christmas Decorations ISBN: 9780557939916,0557939917.
  • Vintage Christmas Ceramic Collectibles

    Krause Publications. 2004. ISBN: 9780873498746,0873498747. 192 pages.

    The nostalgia of the Christmas season seems to touch everyone - especially collectors! Author Walter Dworkin, a collector for 20 years, has compiled this one-of-a-kind reference of the unique ceramic creations from Christmases past, focusing on items from the 1950s and 60's, the "Made in Japan" era of Christmas ceramics. &break;&break;Over 800 listings include market values, descriptions, trademarks, signatures, and histories for the most popular Christmas ceramics from the period. Readers...

  • Final Salute

    Penguin. 2008. ISBN: 1440631603,9781440631603. 288 pages.

    They are the troops that nobody wants to see, carrying a message that no military family ever wants to hear. Since the start of the war in Iraq, Marines like Major Steve Beck found themselves charged with a mission they never asked for and one for which there can be no training: casualty notification. In Final Salute, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jim Sheeler weaves together the stories of the fallen, the broken homes they have left behind, and one man's effort to help heal the wounds of...

  • The Uncut Grass

    BookBaby. 2014. ISBN: 9781483542140,1483542149. 215 pages.

    When Jenny Davis discovers her husband’s infidelity, she storms out of their house. Out of John’s life. Out of the comfort zone. Jenny takes up temporary residence in a Dallas apartment, with her close friend, Rebekah. Disappointed and stunned by John, she rushes onto the singles scene. Late-night clubs. Dance halls. Taverns. But when Rebekah takes Jenny to an intimidating, sketchy part of town, Jenny meets a man who is fuel to her fire. He is Marco, the accelerant to Jenny’s transformation....

  • Winter of Secrets

    Poisoned Pen Press Inc. 2011. ISBN: 9781615950461,161595046X. 274 pages.

    Siblings Wendy and Jason Wyatt-Yarmouth and their friends are in the peaceful mountain town of Trafalgar, B.C. enjoying a two-week vacation of skiing, drinking, drugs, and sex. But tragedy strikes when two of the group crash through the ice into the frozen river. It’s Christmas Eve and the snow-storm of the decade has settled over the town. Constables Molly Smith and Dave Evans have a busy shift attending fender-benders, tumbling pedestrians, and Christmas tree fires. Then, at the stroke of...