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The Most Satisfying Videos In The World, Amazing Cake Decorating Moments Compilations in 2016 Part 2

The Most Satisfying Videos In The World, Amazing Cake Decorating Moments Compilations in 2016 Part 2 I don't make these videos! Just compiled 'an exact ...

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    decorated cake

    Photo by ksrichardson on Flickr

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    It still looks pretty awesome :)

    Photo by Tom Newby Photography on Flickr

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    Decorated Cake

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  • YouTube Millionaires: The Extra Artist Strives To “Take The Seriousness Out Of Cake Decorating”


    I LOVED making cakes but couldn't spare to go to school for it. It seemed like in order to make amazing cakes, you had to go to an overpriced school to learn. Since that wasn't possible, I taught myself through books, videos, primary classes, and A LOT

  • Resourceful cake decorating with Cake by Courtney


    Courtney Well stocked with of Cake by Courtney showed us how to make her white chocolate peppermint cake for the holidays along with some fun decorating options. To see more recipes and tips go to Whey-faced CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT CAKE. YIELD 1 4-LAYER

  • I Took a Cake Decorating Savoir vivre at Disney World, Ask Me Anything (About Fondant)


    So in fashion were these cakes, which retail for $59 each, Amorette's eventually began sacrifice a behind-the-scenes look at how they're made—a very interactive, behind-the-scenes look, as a matter of fact. The shop now offers a Cake Decorating Experience most

  • Baker finds cloying spot for business


    “I have in mind to produce decorated cakes of all kinds, including for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, etc.,” Stewart said. She also plans to pilfer cupcakes, cookies, brownies and cake pops. “It's not going to be open solely per fraternity,” she said. “I

YouTube Millionaires: The Glaze Artist Strives To “Take The Seriousness Out Of Cake Decorating” - Tubefilter

Laurie Shannon: We’ll let you be aware when it sinks in!! This whole year has really been a blur for my fiance Kevin and I. It took us 3 years to achievement 80,000 subscribers, then ten crazy months to get to one million! In our wildest dreams we not imagined we would have over a million subscribers, and certainly not in such a short amount of time. It’s tender-hearted of like that feeling that things are too good to be true and you’re about to wake up from a dream. In our pay attention to it still feels like we have around 100,000 subscribers, because that’s what seems realistic.

To our viewers, this may wholesome cliche…but thank you all for making our dreams come true. We get to work from home and do what we delight in for a living because of YOU! Your encouragement, whether it be through clicking the subscribe button, giving a video a thumbs up, or leaving us an astounding comment, has meant the world to us and really made all this possible. If not for you, I’d still be filming senseless videos alone in my parents’ basement storage room. (True thriller!) Love you guys!

LS: Two reasons, really. I LOVED making cakes but couldn’t rich enough to go to school for it. It seemed like in order to make amazing cakes, you had to go to an overpriced school to learn. Since that wasn’t possible, I taught myself through books, videos, vital classes, and A LOT of practice. I wanted to share what I had learned with the world so everyone could see how uncomplicated it is to make amazing cakes with only a few tools and no training. I wanted to take the seriousness out of cake decorating and get back to the rational every person picks up a spatula: to make something beautiful and luscious for their loved ones.

Also, working at a bakery making minimum wage wasn’t current to pay the bills. Where there is no clear path, create one.

LS: A beautifully decorated cake really comes down to the dry details. I find simple cakes can look amazing if I spend dilly-dally making sure all the little details are clean and perfect. If you get too ambitious with a create and rush through it, you won’t end up with as nice of a result as you would if you go for a simple design and execute it sumptuously. Sometimes less is more.

LS: It can take me anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours to undertaking a cake. When coming up with a design I’m not just thinking about what will make a cool cake, I’m thinking about what will make an stunning video. They usually start off as a simple idea, then I build and build on them until I climate like “It’s perfect!”

It’s all the things that follow after the design is done that are time consuming. Making a cake into a video is unequivocally a process. It would take me about an hour to make most of my cakes, but with filming it all things considered takes a full day. It’s really important that we capture the story of me making the cake Dialect right and that we aren’t just documenting the process.

LS: Compilations, in general, are so easy to consume. There’s no style barrier and you don’t have to want to learn how to make a cake to enjoy watching the process. For exemplar, I could spend hours watching nail art videos, but I have no desire to spend hours making small designs on my nails. But, just like cakes, they’re fun, satisfying, and mesmerizing to watch.

As for why they have done outstandingly well for us, I spend a long time coming up with concepts, editing them down, and picking the faultless thumbnail that will catch a viewer’s eye in the sea of content on YouTube.

LS: Oh that’s a tough one! Everything you can intend of has probably been done before in some form. It’s challenging to come up with new, creative, unique ideas that will resonate beyond the shadow of a doubt with our audience. I love to pull inspiration from lots of different places, and put my own bodily twist on classic designs.

I wish that all the cakes I made were just from my own imagination like my Cookie Jar Cake , but repeatedly times I turn to the internet to get the creative ball rolling. Whether it be from a new film or popular TV show such as my Lego Batman Cake , or from an everyday object that I think could be turned into cake, such as my Cup of Hot Chocolate Cake , stimulation can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.

LS: I love to cook and bake just about everything! Unluckily life sometimes gets in the way and I don’t have much time to make all the yummy food I wild. But Christmas is where I make time to make all the family favourites for everyone to make use of over the holidays! Baking is always a huge production at our house. Our dinning table is covered with cinnamon buns, tarts, squares, and, of lecture, cookies!

LS: Other than continuing to post new cake videos and grow as a creator, I would love to set a cookbook and create some products that would help our viewers with their own cake adventures. With YouTube being such a digital work, it would be so amazing to have a physical thing to share with everyone! It almost seems like big dreams more than plans. But, manifestly dreams can come true…so ask me again next year!

Cake Decorating Heaven - September-October 2016 - 10/26/16,
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  • The Well-Decorated Cake

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2004. ISBN: 1402717733,9781402717734. 176 pages.

    Learn the decorating secrets and luscious recipes of a master cake designer and instructor at the prestigious Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.

  • Cake Decorating Basics

    New Holland Publishers. 2016. ISBN: 1845375181,9781845375188. 128 pages.

    Covers equipment, recipes, and techniques for decorating cakes, and gives step-by-step instructions for piping, modeling, creating special effects, and covering cakes with sugarpaste.

  • Cake Decorating for the First Time

    Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.. 2004. ISBN: 1402717237,9781402717239. 110 pages.

    A guide to cake decorating covers basic and advanced techniques for a variety of cakes.

  • The Complete Photo Guide to Cake Decorating

    Creative Publishing int'l. 2012. ISBN: 9781589236691,1589236696. 328 pages.

    "Reference for cake decorating methods, including basic cake preparation and materials, piping techniques, fondant and gum paste accents, and miscellaneous techniques"--Provided by publisher"--Provided by publisher.

  • Beginner's Guide to Cake Decorating

    Allen & Unwin. 2016. ISBN: 1741960525,9781741960525. 112 pages.

    Beginner's Guide to Cake Decorating will show even those who have never baked and decorated a cake before in their lives how to make beautiful cakes.

  • Spooky sweets sure to delight young and old alike


    For approximately 30 years, Kathy Ellis, of South Point, Ohio, has celebrated Halloween a little earlier than most as she gathers nieces, nephews, neighbors and others of all ages to her house for Halloween cake decorating. For the last nine years ...

  • 4 Creative Ways to Use Fondant Tools With Buttercream


    We love discovering creative new ways to use our cake decorating tools. If you're still only using your fondant tools for fondant, you're not getting the best bang for your buck! From adding detail to cake pops to texturing buttercream, you can use ...

  • How sweet it is! New bakery opens in Birmingham


    Vitale said she plans on using that extra space for birthday parties, public and private events, decorating and baking classes. The new space even boasts a private wedding cake tasting room, creating a unique experience for roughly 400 brides and grooms ...