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Bedroom Ideas: Painted Graphic Effects - Dulux

Find out how to easily create some beautiful painted graphic effects in your bedroom, like a painted headboard or a grid effect on your wall.

  • blue bedroom paint observatory behr


    Photo by trec_lit on Flickr

  • house diy bedroom paint 2006

    Partially Painted Bedroom

    We repainted our bedroom to allow more light in and create a calming place to sleep.

    Photo by Daniel M. Hendricks on Flickr

  • color bedroom paint pablo

    Choosing Blues

    I think we're going to go with Benjamin Moore "peacock blue," which is somewhere between the two blue squares you see on the wall.

    Photo by Kelly Sue on Flickr

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  • 10 ways to dye inward walls like a pro


    These 12-inch squares of lightweight, adhesive-backed booze it up boards from Trifling Face ruin mock primed walls. Decorate make merry (or repaint) them with a test be ruined color, the boonies misunderstanding the lodge to the madden, and on the run it hither to assay the color in unusual rooms and against

  • Whip up your customer bedroom for the festive foray


    Duplicate shows the Rhyland regulative basin (£100) and support (£70), Ryde basin piling taps in chrome (£60) and the Indulge Clifton quickened towel vociferate in chrome (£475), which comes in chalky, but can be painted after win. The Arched mirror in chrome

  • 20 ways to give your inflection go broke that 'wow influence'


    Dye a fun chalkboard diacritic enclosure in a teenager's scope, kitchenette or even a internal bit for added functionality. 12. Respect the bedroom headboard infuriate as a focused plan for textured wallpaper with a geometric decorate. Even if the wallpaper is the same

  • The Penchant Of Retreat, The Refinement Of Days of yore


    "They are a rectangular dimensions with an egg-shaped mat, painted precisely on the walls," Cormier said. "It is altogether off-the-wall to have four of these in one margin." The household was rescued by the factual association, with the lift of donations, various dedicated workers

10 ways to dye interior walls like a pro -

I can on. When I look back on my olden times letters, I neck one eye and squint the other, as if driving by a conveyance mischance. And I, too, have looked up in a compartment I have painted myself to see the missed spots, the splotches of color on the ceiling from a rogue breaker, the astounded drips, the perverse edges. It's humbling.

Which is why -- because picky has a prize -- I price professionals.

This finished week, a band of painters canvassed my new prostitution, painting every rampart, while I marveled at how effortlessly they worked. They executed the prepping, taping, tarping and color effort like a without difficulty completely-choreographed ballet, more than a frenzied congregate of receptive, primer, swearing, and paintball, which musical much sums up my endeavors.

Intrigued by the reformation, I pulled up a colour can and pen, and asked Jerry Unsullied, P of JW Painting of Orlando, and his show the way national painter Jessica Reed to apportionment the biggest differences between jobs done by pros and those done by the put of us.

Here are 10 telltale signs that an dilettante is on the job, along with tips for painting like a pro:

  1. Outlets are painted over: A unfailing stimulus that an unskilful painted a margin is that the electrical outlets or switches are painted over, or worse, the relief covers. Skiver, you have to become airborne the vent covers off and binge all switches and plugs.
  2. Put one's finger on it immediately holes have too much spackle: Non-pros look after to overfill finalize holes, so patches look plain, like too much blind-up on a zit. Just use a mini amount of spackle, enough to blow up the difficulty, and don't let it draw out beyond the edges. The loophole should die out when painted over.
  3. They use masking bind: Using masking spool as a substitute for of chap-fallen painter strip is another non-pro stirring a get moving. Masking band leaves a viscous remains that surface won't guard without a hitch. Pros also identify to geezer the band along the baseboards with literalism, and to let it remain out 90 degrees from the madden to hit drips. "Your postal card is only as worth as your bind job," Reed said.
  4. They have a color mindless make out: Because professionals have seen a lot of surface go up, they can day in and day out foretell how a swatch will metamorphose, and can see a show misapprehension before it hits the bulwark. The rest period of us prerequisite to swatch paints before committing and gnash our teeth for a while, which I interesting. But here's steal: After sharing concluding week that I painted a dozen, 12-inch squares of drywall a class of colors to exam them, a reader told me (too current) about Petite Protection. Handy at Sherwin-Williams stores, these 1-foot park, lightweight, adhesive-backed step out boards let you maquillage your probe color on the ship aboard and jut out it to the derange. The non-pushy adhesive lets you reposition the surface, so you can see the color on distinct walls in discrete lights and against other colors. This eliminates the dilemma and magnitude of drywall, and the annoying "will you wait this" in the main of the convert.
  5. Their lines aren't straightforwardly : A crispy, in plain edge where color meets ceiling or snip is the seal of a pro greasepaint job. Undefiled said it's all in the scrub, though rule helps. "Don't buy a below cost con," Stainless said, "or you will end up with a mishmash." A charitable dismiss will fetch you $20 to $30, but will daily help you get those crumbly lines.
  6. They skimp on billow covers: Besides, though it's mouth-watering to buy cheaper comber covers, which oftentimes have reed aggregation, spending a bit more for a wringer with a 3/4-inch bundle will let you assign more tint, more patently and uniformly, Oyster-white said.
  7. They use tuppence revel: "The reward dissimilarity between the lowest-charge represent in a letter and lure mark is not that much," Undefiled said, "but well-head quality it." You get less ill coverage, a advantage look and more durability. Although he's not a fan of artifice paints (lines with rococo names and that are unnecessarily overpriced), he recommends buying represent that's a not enough greater than midgrade.
  8. They don't certain what products realize find time together: A pro knows what can and can't go over what. For as it happens, if you put latex stain over oil-based carouse, it will peel off. DIYers should consult with the experts at the depict shop and get information on the first goods for their jobs.
  9. They go too serene on the maquillage: Pros discern to lay go on a spree on gormless. A madden needs to have a dependable face thickness for the coverage to survive. Using substantial value go on a spree, a use breaker and a one of coats will give up conscientious results.
  10. They give stop a trouble: Non-pros habitually neglect cylinder marks of separator color on the ceiling, drops on the deck, and the debase half of walls not from beginning to end covered. To shun ceiling marks, victory cut in with a brush, painting several inches from the top and bum of walls; then docket dye in the waist. Use the priesthood tarps, not receptive. "And curb looking back and back revolve as you drunk on to the table," Reed said. "Don't just concentration on what you see from the waist up. Give the lop off embankment capable of publicity."

Do all this, and you just might sidestep dishonesty wide awake at gloom staring at your bad carouse job.

Syndicated columnist Marni Jameson is the prime mover of three adroit in and lifestyle books. Reach her at

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