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GIRLS BEDROOM REVEAL! - August 3, 2015 - ModernMom4Life Daily Vlog

In today's fun vlog we go shopping for new outfits for the wedding and finally reveal the girls bedroom makeover! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for free, to catch up ...

  • bedroom

    A bedroom for Daddy's little girl I

    Madeleine's new bedroom suite

    Photo by Brian Leon of Ottawa on Flickr

  • atlanta bedroom

    Villa Sienna girls room

    Girl's bedroom of Villa Sienna, Alliance Children’s Theatre Christmas House, inspired by an 18th century Tuscany villa, built in Atlanta by Beecham Builders, LLC and designed by Harrison Design Associates

    Photo by Gatsby's List on Flickr

  • art bedroom quilt apartmenttherapy apartmenttherapyboston


    Great success. It solidly looks like OUR bedroom and not just "Nuno and some girl."

    Photo by grapefruitmoon on Flickr

  • Family Members Overpower Convicted Sex Offender Who Climbed Into Girls' Bedroom: Report


    According to the news site, San Bernardino police said that Fowler entered the backyard of the home shortly after 1 a.m. and climbed through the teenagers' bedroom window. He allegedly tried to sexually assault the girls, the police said, but relatives

  • Pantless sex offender caught by family in girls' bedroom arraigned in Superior Court


    The family came to the girls' aid when they heard screaming and reportedly found a pantless Fowler in the girls' bedroom. The girls' father, brother-in-law Sergio Corona and sisters all tussled with Fowler and held him down until San Bernardino police

  • Terrified teenage girl finds eastern brown snake in her bedroom in Queensland


    After fleeing the property, the girl's father, Peter Begley, recorded the snake through the bedroom window. In his video, it is seen climbing up the window pane before leaping on the floor. More pictures taken by the family show the eastern brown snake 

  • The 15 Sex Fantasies She Craves


    Women aren't as visual as men when it comes to getting turned on and unleashing their inhibitions. Odds are what your girl really wants in the bedroom isn't happening. But that doesn't mean it can't. We asked women for their greatest sexual desires and

  • Man put camera in girl's bedroom in Greenwood, officers say


    GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) – A Greenwood man has been arrested after police say he installed a camera in the bedroom of his girlfriend's daughter. 50-year-old Darin Eugene Pinkney was charged with Voyeurism after the victim's brother saw the video feed 

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  • Girls’ Feminist Blogging in a Postfeminist Age

    Routledge. 2015. ISBN: 9781317627753,131762775X. 212 pages.

    Girls’ Feminist Blogging in a Postfeminist Age explores the practices of U.S.-based teenage girls who actively maintain feminist blogs and participate in the feminist blogosphere as readers, writers, and commenters on platforms including Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Drawing on interviews with bloggers between the ages of fifteen and twenty-one, as well as discursive textual analyses of feminist blogs and social networking postings authored by teenage girls, Keller addresses how...

  • Girls Make Media

    Routledge. 2013. ISBN: 9781135474720,1135474729. 388 pages.

    More girls are producing media today than at any other point in U.S. history, and they are creating media texts in virtually every format currently possible--magazines, films, musical recordings, and websites. Girls Make Media explores how young female media producers have reclaimed and reconfigured girlhood as a site for radical social, cultural, and political agency. Central to the book is an analysis of Riot Grrrl--a 1990s feminist youth movement from a fusion of punk rock and gender...

  • Riley and His Girls

    Harlequin. 2011. ISBN: 9781459217607,1459217608. 224 pages.

    'TIS THE SEASON… FOR LOVE When her best friend was nominated for a Bronze Star one year after her death, Amy Galloway went to Tribute, Texas, to support her friend's widower—and children. Never one to put down roots, Amy was surprised by the warm welcome she received from builder Riley Sinclair and his adorable daughters. But Amy hadn't expected to be attracted to handsome Riley. Nor had she expected the girls to treat her almost like…well, like a mom. And as the Sinclairs drew her further...

  • Young People and New Media

    SAGE. 2002. ISBN: 0761964673,9780761964674. 277 pages.

    We can no longer imagine leisure, or the home, without media and communication technologies, and for the most part, we would not want to. Yet as worldwide the television screen in the family home is set to become the site of a multimedia culture integrating telecommunications, broadcasting, computing and video, many questions arise concerning their place in our daily lives. Young People and New Media offers an invaluable up-to-date account of children and young people's changing media...

  • For the Girls' Sake

    Harlequin. 2016. ISBN: 9780373366071,0373366078. 360 pages.

    Lynn Chanak is living the nightmare every mother fears. There was a mix-up at the hospital. Her baby isn't hers. The only way she can have the baby she loves is to marry Adam Landry, a man she does not know.

  • Girls, Listen Up! Guilty Pleasures are Fine But Never Put these 6 Things Inside Your 'Lady Part'!


    It is okay if you want to make things hot in the bedroom but you definitely don’t want to be the one who hurt their vagina during a heated moment in the bedroom. Well, we have heard a lot of embarrassing stories like this and we definitely do not want to ...

  • 42 Adorable DIY Room Decor Ideas for Girls


    These awesome crafts and DIY home decor ideas are perfect for girls room, whether they are young or older teenagers. Not everything is pink, either. Go rustic, go modern or just have fun with these creative looks for girls’ bedrooms.

  • Introduction To Childrens Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom


    The combination of black and white tones is also enticing to spot inside the bedroom. If the bedroom is for girls, you can have the wall adorned with purple or pink wardrobe. Material The material of wardrobe is various. The options include the acrylic ...