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Boy's Bedroom Makeover

My boy's bedroom makeover was an investment of time (about eight weekends) and a little bit of money for some new furniture that would go with him when he ...

  • bed bedroom bunkbed

    New Bunk Bed, with sheets

    My dad and I built a bunk bed for the boys, as a Chanukah gift

    Photo by goldberg on Flickr

  • bed bedroom posters bunkbed

    New Bunk Bed, without sheets

    My dad and I built a bunk bed for the boys, as a Chanukah gift

    Photo by goldberg on Flickr

  • bedroom

    The Boy's room

    It's so simple and clean!

    Photo by Jennifavor on Flickr

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  • My Boys from Braxton County

    WestBow Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781490840239,1490840230. 160 pages.

    Supernatural? Paranormal? Encounter? Who really knows anything about the unknown, except what is told to us, whether it comes from our friends or the news. All you can say is that it’s up to you to believe what you want to believe.

  • The Curse of Deadman's Bluff 2012. ISBN: 9781105192609,1105192601. 412 pages.

    Springdale, Ohio is a middle-class town nestled in southwestern Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati.It's a quiet, sleepy town which has a secret.In the early 1920's a man named Michael Westerly moved into this old house on Deadman's Bluff, overlooking a graveyard, but there was a reason Mr. Westerly chose this spot. He was into voodoo and trying to make zombies out of the townsfolk, but when the townsfolk got wind of this, they tried to drive him out of town, and ultimately they lynched him, but...

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    1997. 52 pages.

    Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

  • Francisca and the Boys

    Strategic Book Publishing. 2013. ISBN: 9781622123254,1622123255. 352 pages.

    The family saga of Francisca and the Boys begins in the 1920s and ends after World War II. Chamaco and Francisca Delmonte moved to Denver shortly after they marry in 1920 in El Paso, Texas. They wanted to escape the poverty of the times that prevailed in Mexico and the adjoining state of Texas. Without any skills, Chamaco turns to gambling and other nefarious methods to survive and keep his family fed. His sons Nick and Davy are born in Colorado. Chamaco dies in the late 1930s, forcing...

  • Young People and New Media

    SAGE. 2002. ISBN: 0761964673,9780761964674. 277 pages.

    We can no longer imagine leisure, or the home, without media and communication technologies, and for the most part, we would not want to. Yet as worldwide the television screen in the family home is set to become the site of a multimedia culture integrating telecommunications, broadcasting, computing and video, many questions arise concerning their place in our daily lives. Young People and New Media offers an invaluable up-to-date account of children and young people's changing media...

  • Virtue & Mischief: Tim Swensen’s 302 Report


    It started innocently enough. Krista, the amigos, Graystripe (our cat), and I were gathered in the boys’ bedroom at the end of the day, as we always do. We quickly assessed the day’s important events together, issued a family prayer, and said our ...

  • Star Printed Curtain And Navy Blue Wall Color For Teen Boy Interior Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms


    The astonishing of star printed curtain and navy blue wall color for teen boy interior design ideas for small bedrooms image above, is a part of feel the larger space with minimalist interior design ideas for small bedrooms story, which is sorted within ...

  • Just Miles From Princeton, a Family Home With Endless Possibilities


    My boys loved fishing on the pond ... “It’s time for another family with kids to enjoy it.” The five-bedroom, five-and-a-half bathroom house sits on a 101 acre lot. There is also a detached garage with a 3-bedroom cottage above it for caretakers ...