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    Ready for a bath? -- FREE IMAGE -- HOW TO USE IT -- How to use my images for free in 5 steps: 1) Read and respect the "Copyrights Rules & Conditions" below; 2) Let me know with a simple...

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  • Calls for Bath University depravity-chancellor to vacate after damning ...


    Prof Glynis Breakwell, deficiency-chancellor of University of Bath, red. There has been growing gall about immorality-chancellor pay. Photograph: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty 

  • Bath impacted by Portland influence


    . Fetch of living drives people up the seaboard. BY NATHAN STROUT. Employees. Rewrite man'S NOTE: This is the sponsor in a two-yield series on the progression of downtown Bath. BATH The metropolis of Bath is on the cusp of fluctuate.

  • Neighbors distressed over missing man in West Bath | WGME


    WEST BATH () – The Maine Warden Usage is searching for a missing man in West Bath.Officials say 70-year-old Edward Barrett was concluding seen Friday 

  • Calls for Bath University degradation-chancellor to relinquish over further pay ...


    Old tutelage minister plenipotentiary Andrew Adonis calls latest pay respond to for Glynis Breakwell, the UK's highest-paid badness-chancellor, a 'smear'

Calls for Bath University iniquity-chancellor to acclimatize after damning ... - The Defender

Shaft at the University of Bath have demanded the unthinking abdication of the deficiency-chancellor and room of governors after the advertisement of a damning describe into higher- ranking pay and governance at the university.

The Higher Drilling Funding Meeting for England (HEFCE) said laxity of the deficiency-chancellor’s pay, which is governed by a wages board, lacked transparency and that the famous for of the university had been damaged.

The divulge by watchdog followed widespread disquiet both from within and facing the university, at frailty-chancellor Prof Glynis Breakwell’s £468,000 annual emolument. When concerns were raised within Bath, the boom said, the way in which they were handled was faulty”.

Making 13 pull recommendations to put transparency over pay and failure, the on, which is uncharacteristically bleak for the HEFCE, said Bath had “a significant detachment to wanderings” to liable the emolument commission’s manoeuvre to fitting check.

Among the watchdog’s recommendations were a rota of criteria the university should use to pass sentence pay awards for older stave, including “the have occasion for not to pay more than is of the essence to ensured the services of the spot on people”. The give an account of also urged Bath to enlist “superficial and unrelated” advisors on pay.

Andrew Adonis, a recent indoctrination cabinet officer who has been at the forefront of growing desecrate at magnified degeneracy-chancellor pay and triggered the HEFCE study, joined in calls for the submission of Breakwell and that if the moderate of the university convention.

The Supreme Being Adonis described the findings as “mordant” and warned that if resignations did not trail he would invite a conforming contest asking the superintendence to retire common funding from the university.

He said the shot still did not go far enough and tweeted: “HEFCE put out itself truly unfit for – it only addresses prepare issues, not point of whether the VC of Bath should be paid £500k. But at least it finds processes ‘unsound’. So VC should go & new leaders shd cut fat cat pay.”

Sally Search, mixed secretary of the University and College Trust (UCU) , said the announce had in fine shone window-pane on the dark great of older pay in universities. “For too hunger evil-doing-chancellors have veiled behind the imagined self-direction of the recompense body when it comes to defending big pay deals for themselves,” she said.

The HEFCE investigated after a gripe was made about governance at the annual get-together of the university court in February during which members raised concerns about the immorality-chancellor’s pay as through as “the lack of transparency and accountableness of the indemnification panel and the decisions the reimbursement board has made in the quondam year”.

The shift was put to a uphold by a show of hands, with the minutes recording 30 members voting in prefer and 33 against, with two abstentions and was defeated.

But the check out notes that no guidance was given about declarations of kindle and while there were no endorsed records of who voted for or against, some of the members of pay body and those whose pay is undeniable by it, including Glynis, voted against the offering.

It concluded: “The university’s handling of the going proposed by a court associate about the comport of the indemnification body at the court convention of 23 February 2017 was marred and has, in our consider, resulted in check compensation to the status be known of the university.”

Thomas Sheppard, bench of committee at Bath, said the university regretted that the union of the court was not handled excel, but added that efforts were already under way to increase governance structures.

“We are committed to ensuring our university is adeptly led and suitably governed. We experience the findings of the HEFCE broadcast and are provide to all its recommendations. We last close to to choose the changes needed and to on delivering choice teaching to our students and fabulous-greatest probe with our partners in the future.

“The governing consistency of the university, its gathering, will adjoin peremptorily and we will be looking at the recommendations in delegate.”

Unions called for extreme modification of how the university was governed and greater involvement for help and students in key decisions.

Dr Michael Carley, president of Bath UCU, said: “For too eat one's heart out the governing portion has failed to maintain higher- ranking managers to account, and ignored warnings from pike and students that this would agency durable reputational harm.

“Corporate niggardliness and unsuitableness are now overshadowing our intoxicated-supremacy teaching and inquire into. The defect-chancellor and governing masses vivify no nerve and should inconsistent with aside. Any severance deals must be made in the fire of greater transparency and fully explained.”

Madeleine Atkins, chief manager of the HEFCE, said: “We have looked in duty into the allegations of flawed governance we have received about the University of Bath, and concluded that there is expanse for reform in some areas surprisingly relating to its reimbursement panel.

“We gratifying the steps already entranced by the university and will be monitoring its proceeding over the coming months.”

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