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The Reason You Should Stop Using This Type of Bath Sponge

Are you using this type of bath sponge every time you wash your body? Dermatologists recommend you to throw it away right now, because can be very harmful ...

  • portrait favorite window beautiful wow tile interesting fantastic bath flickr pretty shadows very good gorgeous awesome award superior super best most tub winner stunning excellent bathtub much sponge incredible breathtaking exciting lightplay phenomenal

    Portrait of a bath sponge

    The glass tile windows next to the bath tub make some funky lightplay late in the day... (Explore)

    Photo by kevin dooley on Flickr

  • finland geotagged fin sponge tampere hämeenpuisto pesusieni ruokatori badeschwamm spongia geo:lon=2375184059 목욕해면 geo:lat=6149806882

    Bath sponges

    European Foodmarket #4. Tampere, Finland, 2012.

    Photo by Leo-setä on Flickr

  • baby bath joe sponge

    Bath time

    Photo by Fimb on Flickr

My grandpas charge nurse is sexy. Like aye little daddy come over here and give me a sponge bath too 07/19/17,
Had a sponge bath, not fun by yourself 07/19/17,
@Espngreeny George dissing his mom in the hospital while he was awaiting the nurse sponge bath 07/19/17,
@jasminelauxxxx Cant we start with the sponge bath first before you get kinky.... 07/19/17,
@billoreilly loo·fahˈlo͞ofə noun: loofa 1.a coarse, fibrous cylindrical object used like a bath sponge for washing. 07/19/17,
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